Spanish Biotech Platform
Plataforma de Mercados Biotecnológicos
Entidad privada
David Galan. Director de desarrollo de negocio
Dirección: Parc Tecnologic. Avda. Agustín Escardino, 9
Ciudad: Paterna
Provincia: Valencia
Teléfono Móvil: 34 625651535

a. Bioinicia is a service provider offering a complete range of support services from contract nanomaterial development, contract nanomaterial manufacturing and – if desired – the supply of (customized) manufacturing equipment to those customers that eventually wish to manufacture proprietary nanomaterials in-house.
b. Bioinicia offers a line of nanomaterial manufacturing equipment that scales from table top equipment for the lab space to fully automated equipment for industrial manufacturing. All equipment is functionally identical, i.e. manufacturing recipes developed on a table-top R&D system are guaranteed to run and produce identical results on the industrial system (full scalability from lab to fab)!
c. Bioinicia offers nanomanufacturing equipment for the deposition of multi-phase coaxial materials. This is key for the encapsulation of labile, expensive core materials for the purpose of shelf-life enhancement, targeted deliver, flavor & fragrance masking.
d. Bioinicia has a focus on bio-materials with extensive knowledge on the specific requirements for different delivery matrices (milk, yoghurt, orange juice, chocolate, ice cream etc..)
e. Full flexibility in terms of materials used: Bioinicia equipment is able to process inorganic and organic materials from aqueous and organic solvents. Bioinicia equipment effectively allows processing of single-phase and multi-phase coaxial material with minor changes to the setup. Switching of materials is exceptionally user-friendly.
Proyectos en los que ha participado
BioInicia is involved in different contract development projects with important companies of the food and biomedical fields.