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Iden Biotechnology firma acuerdos de licencia y desarrollo con la empresa india Tierra Seed Science

Las compañías anunciaron hoy la firma de un acuerdo para el desarrollo conjunto y la comercialización de eventos genéticos en maíz y de agrobioquímicos específicos para su uso en cereales y hortícolas.

Hyderabad (India) and Pamplona (Spain) (October 22, 2013) –

Tierra Seed Science, an Indian company focused on Advanced Crop breeding & Technology Development and Iden Biotechnology S.L., a Spanish agri-biotech R&D company, today announced that they have signed an agreement for the co-development and commercialization of specific corn genetic traits and agrochemicals for cereals and vegetables suitable for various agro-climates. This strategic collaboration between Tierra Seed Science and Iden Biotechnology S.L.- will bring in new solutions to the seed industry, the processor and the farmer.

About Iden Biotechnology:

Iden Biotechnology brings basic research closer to the market through the establishment of strategic R&D collaboration agreements, the development of technical projects and the marketing of the derived knowledge and technologies globally. Iden Biotechnology product portfolio includes both IP protected technological solutions as well as integrated R&D services for crop improvement through genetic modification and new agri-biochemical developments. The licensed technologies have been developed in collaboration with the Public University of Navarra (UPNA) and the National Research Council of Spain (CSIC). More info at

About Tierra Seed Science:

Tierra Seed Science Pvt Ltd. is primarily engaged in Crop Breeding, Technology Research and Services. Its aim is to develop India relevant crop technologies through advanced breeding in five focused crops: Cotton, Corn, Rice, Castor and Tomato.
The Company’s research program is targeting high value traits supported by well-equipped Crop Breeding R&D Centre and Biotechnology Research Facility. Tierra’s proven breeding and research team is engaged in developing superior products suitable for Tropical Asian and African agro climates that are further to be licensed to various industry partners. The company is also aggressively establishing strategic alliances with different stake holders in the industry. To know more about Tierra Seed Science, visit:
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