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ND Pharma & Biotech will launch a revolutionary product that reduces harmful effects of alcohol consumption in human health.
The British-Spanish capital owned ND Pharma & Biotech and its research division ND Innovation, a company that is creating revolution within the alimentary industry with whole new and non-toxic products for the most varied food and nutrition applications, will launch in few months a new and unparalleled discovery. A revolutionary system of alcohol, alcoholic beverages and drinks transformation without precedent, throughout a Micro-Alcohol Reaction System® able to be applied to every alcoholic drink elaborated, or alcoholic manufactured products including wine and other spirits.
The Micro-Alcohol Reaction System® product, is 100% natural. In fact it´s a secret composition of organic elements that let producers with a single drop on an alcoholic drink, to create an immediate bio-reaction that transforms the liquid element into a less harmful drink throughout a triple action mechanism.
First; fragments alcoholic elements reducing considerably its molecular weight, so this let´s the body to process and eliminate alcohol quicker than normally, second; the Bio-reaction neutralize the acids and other harmful components present in alcohol, an important function that diminishes considerably the damages alcoholic beverages produce into organs and body metabolism alterations, specially the electrolyte metabolism, a physiological condition that creates a long-term fatal effects on human health, and that actually are considered as alcoholic disease symptoms and consequences. Thru the promotion of the quicker elimination of alcohol molecules from the body, alcoholic beverage damages could be retarded considerably, and third; the product do not alter the characteristics of alcoholic preparations, most that this and furthermore it changes the vast majority of undesirable alcoholic tastes and papillary undesired sensations of most alcohols, specially those of poor quality (ketones, burning, itch, etc.), transforming most of them into a smooth and velvety spirituous sensation both in mouth and within throat, giving to the drinks finally, a clean and tasteful elegance that makes alcoholic beverages more palatable, desirable and less powerful, minimizing the rejection effect of those.
The company´s commercial branch, is opening licenses and signing pre-arrangements for the use of the product with several big-market producers of alcoholic beverages that expressed their intention to include the product in their finished spirits, specifically those with higher alcoholic content. The product can also be applied to the water of ice-making machines, and it´s demonstrated that in the case of an alcoholic drink weren´t processed with this product, some important effects of such can be obtained on alcohol, when ice became liquid within the glass, cup or container, specially in mixed alcoholics, sodas and other preparations from the bartender service.
Despite the fact that this product is not intending to reduce alcohol dependence or addiction, the consumption of alcoholic beverages with less powerful harmful effects will represent an important advance and contribution to human health, having account the increase numbers of alcohol consumption that world market is experiencing worldwide. The product is finished and ready for market launch while investigation and further research is now being conducted by The Company associated scientists, in order to discover new beneficial effects of this innovative process and product, including other interesting applications, that The company is not willing to reveal by the moment.