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Plataforma de Mercados Biotecnológicos

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The Spanish Biotech Platform is aimed at all those agents involved in promoting the Spanish biotechnological sector at a national and international level.

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  • 1. Red Biotechnology
    • Pathology
      •  Analgesia & Pain
      •  Animal Pathology
      •  Cardiovascular
      •  Dermatology
      •  Gastroenterology
      •  Hematology
      •  Hepatology
      •  Immunology
      •  Infectious Diseases
      •  Inflamatory
      •  Metabolics Diseases
      •  Neurosciences
      •  Oncology
      •  Ophtalmology
      •  Rare Diseases
      •  Urology
    • Products
      •  Biodrugs
      •  Diagnosis
      •  Stem cells
      •  Vaccines
    • Technology
      •  Cellular Therapy
      •  Gene Therapy
      •  Screening
      •  Tissue engineering
  • 2. Green Biotechnology
    • Agriculture
      •  Biologic control
      •  GM Crops
      •  Other enhancement techniques
    • Food
      •  Animal Food
      •  Food Safety
      •  Functional Food
      •  Substance detection
  • 3. White Biotechnology
    • Biofuels
      •  Gaseous
      •  Liquid
      •  Solid
    •  Cultive and commercialization of fermentation or biocatalysis process
    •  Manufacture and commercialization microorganism
    •  Manufacture and commercialization of cell lines
    •  Manufacture and commercialization of enzymes
    •  Manufacture of APIs and chemical products from renewable raw material
    •  Manufacture of biotech equipment
    •  Manufacture of monomers and polymers
    •  Purification resins manufacture
    •  Residues revaloration and bioremedy
  • 4. Services
    • Services to the sector
      •  Consultancy
      •  CRO / CMO
      •  Engineering
      •  Human Resources
      •  Training
      •  Venture Capital
    • Technicals Services
      •  Bioinformatics
      •  Biotechnolgy kits
      •  Genomics
      •  Metabolomics
      •  Nanotechnology
      •  Proteomics
  • 5. Application areas
    •  Green Biotechnology
    •  Red Biotechnology
    •  White Biotechnology
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 Biotecnología Roja
 Biotecnología Verde
 Biotecnología Blanca
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