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Plataforma de Mercados Biotecnológicos

Press release

The Spanish Biotech Platform: partnering for users of the biotechnology sectors within the Biospain 2014
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Biospain 2014 proved again that it is one of the events most attractive for bio-partnering with world leading professionals from all sectors of the biotechnology sector.
The Spanish Biotech Platform, in their quest to extend and disseminate the applications of biotechnology in general and the existing supply in companies and research centers in Spain including new sectoral or geographic markets, has participated participated in the organization and development of partnering user sectors of biotechnology within the Biospain 2014 fair, biotechnology main event held in Spain.
This event seeks to present clear opportunities to implement biotechnology as a vector differential competitiveness in many traditional sectors, such as food, cosmetics, forest biology, among others. This is a prospective to better understand the specifics of each user market and establish a "taxonomy" that allows us to carry out various strategies to outreach and / or consolidate these markets, promoting business opportunities between biotech companies institutions and more traditional areas or users of such technologies.
Biospain has established itself as a major biotechnology company meetings worldwide, ranking fifth in number of partnering meetings and participating companies and first in Europe for fixed-base event in a country, becoming one of the most important internationally in attendance (855 companies and 2,000 visitors) and number of business meetings conducted (3,327).
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