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Wave ultrasonic transducer torque for uterine cervix
A research group of the Public Health System of Andalusia has developed a device using ultrasonic sensors for medical diagnostic ultrasound to detect early pregnancy
The invention comprises a transducer capable of generating an ultrasonic pulse which propagates the torque through a sample and is capable of acting as a receiver to collect the pulse distorted after passing
through the sample, which comprises two or more piezoelectric elements arranged regularly (preferably equidistant) between two discs, preferably made of
materials ceramic, so that each piezoelectric element is in contact with two electrodes of different loads
distributed perpendicular to the polarization of said piezoelectric elements. Those electrodes with
electrically excited by a power source generating pulses, common design ultrasound equipment. Thus, after receiving an electric pulse creates a
magnetic field which, in combination with the direction of polarization, generates an elastic movement.
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