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Encapsulation technologies
Microencapsulation LAIMAT. SEM
Development and application of microencapsulation technologies for the development of new products in chemical, agro food, geotextile, new material or cosmetic fields.
Microencapsulation technologies have many market applications. LAIMAT with its experience in different techniques develops and adapts the technology for each project, using the adequate encapsulating agents for each ingredient/active principle and matrix, thus assuring the best results for our clients.
The main microencapsulation benefits are:
- Increase of the stability of the encapsulated substance avoiding or retarding its degradation.
Protection of UV, pH, temperature, friction, solvents, etc.
Separation of incompatible substances
- Masking color, odor and taste. The encapsulation of a substance with undesirable organoleptic qualities makes imperceptible those characteristics, gives great advantages for consumer acceptance.
- Processes facilities. Make liquids into solid. Decrease toxicity while manipulation.
- Controlled delivery of an active principle. It can be targeted, triggered or sustained release.
- Marketing and product esthetic