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OneNeb: The New Line of Nebulizers
OneNeb is a new line of nebulizers based on the Flow Blurring® nebulization technology and specifically designed for liquid sample uptake, utilizing inductively-coupled plasma-based analytical techniques (e.g., optical emission spectrometry ICP-OES and mass spectrometry ICP-MS) for elemental chemical analysis.
- Wide range of physical parameters (i.e., liquid uptakes and gas flows).
OneNeb Nebulizers are highly versatile and suitable for sample injection in all kinds of ICP-OES and ICP-MS. OneNeb Nebulizers are adaptable to almost any liquid-uptake or gas-flow requirements for optimum ICP-OES/MS performances.
Low-volume samples can be analysed. OneNeb Nebulizers are also suitable for minute liquid uptakes, giving very good analytical performance even with complicated matrixes (e.g., hard drinking water).
- Polymeric composition.
OneNeb Nebulizers provide extremely good chemical resistance even when used for solutions with high acid content (hydrofluoric acid, sulphuric acid and aqua regia).
OneNeb Nebulizers are sturdy and exhibit remarkable mechanical resistance to fortuitous shocks and/or accidental drops.
- Easy-to-handle, easy-to-maintain and safe.
OneNeb Nebulizers do not need any special maintenance, nor do they require safety connections: they operate at low/moderate gas pressures. All they need is proper cleaning applicable to any ICP nebulizer after their use.
- High sensitivity, first-class precision and good detection limits.
OneNeb Nebulizers analytically outperform other pneumatic nebulizers for tasks requiring both conventional nebulizers (high liquid uptake) and micronebulizers (low liquid uptake).
- OneNeb can work long periods of time without either clogging or analytical performance deterioration, with simple aqueous solutions, high salt content solutions, highly concentrated acid solutions and organic solvents.
Marketed by Agilent Technologies