Spanish Biotech Platform
Plataforma de Mercados Biotecnológicos
Research services for the development of research projects in Regenerative Medicine, including Tissue Engineering and Cell Therapy.
The CIBER-BBN offers a singular infrastructure to advice and to supply biomoléculas and biomaterials needed to develop new scaffolds and biomaterials that can be functionalized with those biomoléculas or with other therapeutic agents for regenerative medicine applications.
The Research Infrastructure on Biomedicine offers:

-Biomaterial processing with controlled supra-micro- and nanostructure by using the technology of compressed gases and rapid prototyping to produce scaffolds with different porosities and geometries. In parallel. It is possible to access the nanolitography services for surface nanostructuring in order to increase the tissue integration into the scaffolds.

-Complementary services for the deign and “a la carta” production of biomoléculas such as proteins and high difficulty peptides that can be used to functionalize the surface of biomaterials for different purposes like for example, to improve the tissue integration.

-Mechanic characterization and characterization of the microstructure of scaffolds that, allows also, using the recorded data for in silico experiments. In parallel, other services offer the possibility of characterizing the surface of the biomaterilas, their integration into the organism and their biocompatibility.

-Finally, some units of NMR are available to validate the new scaffolds by the in vivo experiments to evaluate their integration by MRI and by identifying and quantifying biomarkers.

All these serveces are coordinated under the umbrella of CIBER-BBN, as a single contact point model, offering the possibility of participating in collaborative projects involving the required units as one only partner.