Spanish Biotech Platform
Plataforma de Mercados Biotecnológicos
Unidad de Biotecnología Celular
Cellular Biotechnology Unit
- Uses and applications of mesenchymal stem cells.
- Antitumoral Cell and Gene therapy.
Technology offered:

1.- Isolation and applications of mesenchymal progenitor cells in regenerative medicine.
2.- GMP production of mesenchymal progenitor cells.
3.- GMP transduction/infection of viral vectors in target cells.
4.- Clinical Trials in antitumoral virotherapy.
5.- Basic and applied knowledge of mesenchymal progenitor cells.

Technology demands:
1.- Techniques and knowledge related to human immunotherapy.

Market Applications:
1.- Production of clinical-grade mesenchymal progenitor cells.
2.- Production of clinical-grade transfected/infected human cells.
3.- Devices related with the clinical use of mobilized mesenchymal progenitor cells.
4.- New antitumoral therapies (virotherapy)

1.- Companies related with regenerative medicine, virotherapy and human immunotherapy.