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Laboratorio de Bioingeniería y Regeneración de Tejidos (LABRET), Universidad de Málaga
Mesenchymal stem cells and a biphasic membrane for the treatment of osteochondral lesions.
Our group at the University of Malaga has developed an effective product for the cell therapy
of articular cartilage (AC) lesions which is prepared in vitro and is based on autologous adult
mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and a biomaterial with a novel fibrillar organization in the form of a
multilayer membrane. Thanks to this product, a regeneration tissue is formed in the chondrooesteoarticular
lesion identical to the adjacent cartilage in the three cartilaginous strata and
identical to the subchondral bone, both in the organization and the distribution of the cells and in
the quantity and quality of the cartilaginous or bone surrounding matrix. The regenerated tissue is
permanently integrated into the recipient tissue and, furthermore, is functional from the standpoint
of its response to load forces.
We have demonstrated that this product allows the formation of cartilage naturally and,
therefore, that the new tissue is formed de novo and is integrated in the tissue to treat, allowing a
stable, lasting and functional regeneration. In other words, this product allows intratissue
regeneration more than a repair of the lesion. We accomplished experimental evidence that
demonstrates the efficacy of a regenerative therapy which is based on the implant of MSCs capable
of differentiating to chondrocytes, transported in a multilayer matrix. The positive results obtained
advance in the clinical application of a cell therapy based on MSCs for the treatment of AC lesions.