Spanish Biotech Platform
Plataforma de Mercados Biotecnológicos
Biomol-Informatics participates in a public-private initiative in Europe that invests 85 million euros to restrain pathogenic bacteria through the ENABLE consortium.
In the ENABLE consortium led by GlaxoSmithKline and the University of Uppsala, Biomol-Informatics participates with 30 companies and research centers.
A large European consortium, involving companies like Biomol - Informatics (Spain) and led by GlaxoSmithKline and the University of Uppsala, brings together more than 30 groups of public and private research in the framework of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), financed with funds from the European Commission and the European pharmaceutical companies association EFPIA.
The ENABLE project is the European response to the advance of bacteria resistant to all known antibiotics, increasingly common in countries around the world, being a major problem in ICUs in large hospitals.
Biomol-Informatics participates in this project by providing three new antibiotics designed by the company. Biomol-Informatics specializes in virtual drug design through computerized calculations and it is the only one company in Spain which includes the latest advances in Quantum Mechanics simulation applied to biomedical design .
Biomol-Informatics collaborates with the Hospital La Paz (Madrid) in tracking outbreaks of resistant bacteria due to its proven excellence in bioinformatic analysis of genomes of pathogenic bacteria.
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