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Web4bio releases the new version of DoPlanning
The new version of Web4bio’s flagship productivity tool includes a number of new features, mostly based on suggestions from users.
The most obvious change to appreciate at first glance is its new interface, completely redesigned to be more intuitive and friendly, with new options for viewing and editing content. DoPlanning users can also appreciate the inclusion new work items, such as scheduling tasks, events and issuing interconsultations. DoPlanning interface also includes enhancements in usability, as it allows copying of work items between areas, publishing files simultaneously in several areas or the new ability to upload files directly to an area.

As for their interaction with hardware, developers of this new version have worked hard to improve the accessibility of the application from mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, tablets and smartphones). DoPlanning can now be used from these devices almost as fluently as it is used on a computer, making this application a true mobile workstation from which for example, the user can share images or documents received by email.

The big news however is the possibility of using DoPlanning as web content management system or CMS. The new programming of the application is able to relate the content of any web page with the content and structure of DoPlanning, making maintenance and updating of web contents a very simple task, independent and fully integrated with the other functions of the tool.
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