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Remedy against thrips and animal parasites
Natural extract with anti-thrips activity (biopesticide), antiseptic (biocide) and antiparasitic.
More effective than commercial products against endoparasites in animals.
No resistance from pathogens.Enviromentally-friendly and safe for human and animal health.
The extract (obtained from a natural source) clearly shows activity against thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis), a plague with a deep impact on a wide variety of crops, especially fruits, vegetables and flowers, and for which there are no effective alternatives. It is also a Biopesticide.

It eliminates 100% of thrips larvae at low concentrations (<5 mg/ml).

Furthermore, it has antiparasitic effects against endoparasites, like helminths (genus Haemonchus) and coccidia (genus Eimeria), that affect livestock and pets.

More effective than the commercial antiparasitic product Levamisole
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