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Clínica Universidad de Navarra and Becton Dickinson sign a collaboration agreement in the fields of Biosecurity and Intravenous therapy
The manager of the Clinic Universidad de Navarra, Mr. José Andrés Gómez and the General Manager of Becton Dickinson (BD), Mr. Jose Luis Gómez, have today signed a collaboration agreement for research in the fields of Biosecurity and Intravenous therapy.
In June 2010 the European Union published a new Directive for the prevention of sharps injuries in the hospital and healthcare sector. The deadline for the transposition of this Directive to the national legislation is 11 May 2013. The Clinic Universidad of Navarra will, together with BD, develop a research study for the development of new Guidelines of excellence in Biosecurity, which will be designed as a reference in Spain and in Europe in the Biosecurity field.

Moreover, infections associated with intravenous therapy are a common problem for healthcare centre’s quality of care. These infections have consequences for the patients, prolong hospital stays, and increase costs for the healthcare center managers. The Clinica Universitaria will develop a research project called “Zero Phlebitis” to eradicate infections associated with intravenous therapy in the healthcare.
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