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Agilent Technologies will integrate the second generation of OneNeb in its new Spectrometry equipment catalogue.
Agilent has ordered Ingeniatrics to launch the upgraded version of its successful Universal Nebulizer OneNeb which is aimed to mineral and mining companies labs, mainly. Ingeniatrics engineers expect to be able to start delivering final product batches worldwide in less than three months time.

OneNeb device and operation has been qualified to be part inside ICP equipments of both Atomic Mass Spectrometry and Optical Emission Spectrometry. This upgraded OneNeb version is a demonstration of the new stage Ingeniatrics has reached: the specs come from the market now. New OneNeb has been specifically optimized for one of the biggest Agilent's customers with one the broadest industrial laboratories networks in the world, and as a consequence for all those in such industry.


Agilent is the world’s premier measurement company with specialties in Chemical Analysis, Life Sciences, Electronic Test & Measurement. We can properly say it is one of the two world key-players in the utmost competitive industry of Spectrometry.

That's why Ingeniatrics chose Agilent to market OneNeb Universal nebulizer. Provided the satisfactory experience for both companies current exclusivity agreement is expected to stand for five years more with few changes.

The OneNeb universal analytic nebulizer.
The latest tests carried out by Agilent and Agilent's customers' scientists and technicians have resulted in a demonstration of sensitivity, increased up to two times, due to Flow Blurring technology. Sensitivity is combined with excellent precision, low detection limit, and a surprising capacity to operate over a wide range of solution flow rates. All of it with high tolerance to dissolved solids, suitable for virtually any sample including common organic solvents used in petrochemical industry.