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Biomedal and Ingeniatrics signs a distribution agreement for Cellena® bioencapsulator.
Dr. Angel Cebolla Ramirez and Mr. Joaquin Gómez Moya
Biomedal SL and Ingeniatrics have signed a strategic distribution agreement. Biomedal will be the global distributor of Ingeniatric's portable Bioencapsulation device, Cellena®.
The agreement was signed on Friday, March 16th at Ingeniatrics’s facilities by both companies CEOs Dr. Angel Cebolla Ramirez, Biomedal, and Mr. Joaquin Gómez Moya, Ingeniatrics.

Cellena® is a user-friendly, portable device that makes unneeded the use of autoclave as it is provided with sterile disposable nozzles. Nonetheless it is aimed to a highly specialized market: e.g. stem cells researchers; it is a complex sales process that requires a distributor like Biomedal. This is a well known biotechnology company with a seasoned sales force and whose mission is to develop and commercialize new biomedical technologies, services and products for research, bioindustry and diagnostics. Biomedal enhances the talent of its team with the collaboration of an outstanding and growing network of international scientists and technologists, and directs its efforts to satisfy its customers.
The excellent market position of this company based in Seville ensures short-term success in Emerging markets as cell therapy or stem cell research
Bioencapsulation Step forward
“This agreement confirms the Ingeniatrics effort to settle down as one of the main microencapsulation key-players. Cellena® would improve some assays and diagnostics in an order of magnitude and can be utilized in combination with cytometers like - for instance - COPAS and Biosorter” indicated Ángel Cebolla.
Biomedal will offer this device among other products to improve the society quality of life and has started proposing Bioencapsulation as a cost-effective solution to the some of the most important research groups in the world. On the other hand, Ingeniatrics still owns the Flow Focusing® technology and stays sole manufacturer of Cellena®.
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