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Success stories of technology watch and competitive intelligence in the biotechnology sector
Success stories of TW/CI in biotechnology
It is called the Course: Case Studies of technology watch and competitive intelligence in the biotechnology sector for the February 21st, 2012 with experts in patents, certification and success histories
The environment in which we operate is ever changing and competitive so companies need to have quality information in a timely manner. This process of retrieving information of interest and its transformation into knowledge applied to decision-making processes is the mission of technology watch and competitive intelligence.
The sources of information, system and process management are essential to take advantage of the effort and get the maximum return on the information retrieved.
Among the services offered by e-intelligent emphasizes the training for the implementation of surveillance and intelligence processes in companies of different sectors. An example of this training is the course which will be held on February 21st focused on the biotechnology sector.
This workshop aims to address practical issues of implementation of quality of Technologycal Watch and Competitive Intelligence (TW/CI) in companies that base their products or services in the application of science and technology to living organisms, with particular attention to the following questions:
- Processes of TW/CI applied to the biotech sector
- Patents: technological knowledge, innovations and specific databases
- Case studies in different areas: health, industrial production, agricultural processing and aquaculture.
- Regulations for the certification process TW/CI
It will feature experts in the field recognized organizations such as the Spanish Office of Patents and Trademarks, AENOR or CIEMAT, as well as specialists in TW/CI in the biotechnology sector of e-intelligent.
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