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ZeClinics receives €1.87M funding in the latest round of the Horizon2020 SME Instrument Phase 2
ZeClinics SME Instrument Phase 2
ZeClinics has been granted with the SME Instrument Phase 2 within the European Union framework Horizon 2020, category "Supporting Innovative SMEs in the healthcare biotechnology sector".
The company, mono-beneficiary, receives € 1.87 million, 100% of the proposed budget for the project "ZeCardio: High-throughput cardiotoxicity screening (HTS) with zebrafish embryo". The grant will allow ZeClinics to develop, and accelerate the commercialization, of one of our flagship products: ZeCardio. A predictive system cardiovascular impact analysis during the drug discovery phase, which we expect it will become the most advanced solution in the market. ZeCardio will have a high level of robotization that will allow evaluating hundreds of drugs daily, allowing ZeClinics to assess, with high predictive confidence, their possible cardiotoxic impact in humans.
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