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IQS and trifermedCBDO join forces to bring an innovative bioadhesive technology to market
IQS and trifermedCBDO join forces to bring an innovative bioadhesive technology to market
The cooperation agreement opens the door to the generation of new business opportunities for other disruptive technologies created at IQS’s laboratories
Barcelona, 17th of May. Dr. Pedro Regull, Managing Director of IQS, a university center leader in innovative technologies in chemistry, biotechnology and engineering, and Prof. Dr. Sergi Trilla, CEO of trifermedCBDO, company specialized in business development in the health sector, have signed this week a cooperation agreement in Barcelona in order to develop and bring to market a leading bioadhesive technology.

The technology, conceived and developed by Dr. Salvador Borrós at the Laboratory of Biomaterials of IQS, is born from the aim to develop a commercial version of different types of adhesives for biomedical applications, that contribute to the improvement of different surgical processes. It is expected that by 2019, the global bioadhesives market will reach 6 billion dollars, with a 13% annual growth.

The cooperation agreement in this new bioadhesive technology is the beginning of a long-term collaboration in which both parts join their efforts to bring disruptive technologies to market. IQS y trifermedCBDO will work together to satisfy industry and society needs.

The agreement between IQS and trifermedCBDO has been sealed with the conviction that both parties will be able to provide the best of their know-how and experience to achieve the defined milestones. IQS will provide its scientific research and innovative capacity through its research teams in the field of life-science technologies, such as health, pharmacy and biotechnology. Meanwhile, trifermedCBDO, through its extensive experience in life-sciences business development and its presence in the European and North American markets, will design business models and validate their viability with selected international partners. This agreement strengthens technological transfer between university research and companies.

In the words of Dr. Regull: “First of all, this alliance gives IQS a market-oriented approach that helps us define goals and research lines. At the same time, we confide in an expert partner in business models which, once validated internationally, becomes the essential key for the knowledge transfer from university research to industry”.

In that regard, Dr. Trilla adds: “It’s a privilege for us to have the opportunity to collaborate with an institution like IQS. There are many companies worldwide looking for technologies that solve common problems of the medical professionals. To be able to have access to these types of technologies that IQS develops for this, is an opportunity for us since we can offer them a methodology and an international projection that until now was not available to them.

In the formalization of this agreement the lawyer Àlvar Bertolin has also participated with the attorney’s office Torralba, Bertolín & Farré, acteing as legal advisor.

About IQS

IQS, center linked to the Society of Jesus, is one of the most prestigious universities in the academic, scientific and national, international landscape. With 111 years of teaching experience, IQS is an institution of reference committed to respond to the new challenges that the social, economic and industrial context raises.

IQS, founding member of the Ramon Llull University, has evolved since its inception, focused on chemistry to its current configuration: two university colleges, IQS School of Engineering and School of Management; IQS PEINUSA, a company through which it conducts research, innovation and technology transfer for industries and enterprises; and IQS Executive Education division that offers specialized training to companies and training to professionals. These activities are supported by a large group of companies through the Fundación Empresas IQS.

Since the creation of the Department of Bioengineering in 2008, IQS has greatly enhanced the human and material resources dedicated to various research projects focused on the generation and application of new technologies in the medical sector, currently representing one of the most innovative and leading research areas of the university center.

TECH TRANSFER IQS - URL is accredited by TECNIO in the category of "technology developer" agent. TECNIO seal is awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya through ACCIÓ to identify where the Catalan differential technology is, find the providers that offer it, and facilitators involved in the process of technological transfer and knowledge.

About trifermedCBDO

trifermedCBDO, founded 15 years ago in Sant Cugat del Valles (Barcelona), is a service company specialized in business development in the health sector. With a team of more than 20 expert professionals in this field, it’s headquartered in Esadecreapolis (Campus ESADE Sant Cugat), where its managing European projects and provides central services to the entire organization, with its own presence in North America through three offices located in Toronto (Canada), Cambridge Innovation Centre, Cambridge, MA (USA) and Mexico City.

Business development is a high-growth activity in consequence of the increasing disaggregation in the value chain of the health sector. During the second half of the twentieth century the health sector, in the area of ​​research, development and commercialization, was fully verticalized, each company covered the whole value chain, from basic research to commercialization. Late last century and especially

during the first 15 years of this millennium, the unbundling process has moved at exponential rate, appearing thousands of companies specialized in parts of the process and requiring a common language of the business models to work cooperatively.

The business development activity focuses on design and validate the most appropriate business models and select companies that can collaborate with each other so that different technologies (solutions for patients) can reach the market. trifermedCBDO has spent the last 15 years developing and validating a methodology which facilitates business development process, recording and signing internationally over 120 agreements in its career.

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CEO trifermedCBDO
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Innovation Lab 3A01
08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès

Dra. Núria Vallmitjana
Research and Technological Tranfer Director
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