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Vytrus Biotech - Phyture Biotech S.L.
From seed to fruit -- Phyture Biotech becomes Vytrus Biotech
Vytrus Biotech
The Catalan biotech company Phyture Biotech has changed its name, since April, to Vytrus Biotech.
This change of name happens due to an expansion of the objectives of the company, specialized in the development, production and commercialization of high added value ingredients from plant stem cells, for dermocosmetics.

Thanks to the experience of the last years, the company broadens its focus, not only to the cosmetic sector, but also to the healthcare and nutraceutical ones, expanding its goals and focusing on the global improvement of people's life quality, both in their health and their general well being.

Therefore, Phyture becomes Vytrus Biotech, inspired by the Latin word "vita" (life) and to be applied in all its variations, both present and future.

This change of name reflects the innovative spirit of a company in continuous process of modernization, growth and internationalization, with a new identity that fits better with the environment in which the business is developed, and includes the values that have positioned the company as one of the most innovative and highly science and quality driven of the sector.

The company is also launching its new website: web:
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