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New publication: NGS experiments show a correlation between EGFR2 upregulation and recovery from Guillain-Barré Syndrome.
Results from a recent publication made with the participation of Era7 Bioinformatics provide the first evidence for the implication of Early Growth Response Gene-2 (EGR2) in the development and outcome of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS).
This autoimmune disease affects the peripheral nervous system inducing weakness and sensory loss, which in most cases is reverted after several weeks.

To date, no reliable biomarkers exist to assess progression and recovery from GBS. The research shows that the gene coding for EGR2 is upregulated in GBS patients during the recovery from GBS clinical symptoms, thus providing a potential biomarker for the diagnosis and treatment of this pathology. The publication also reports that the levels of some key cytokines are affected by this upregulation of EGR2 and therefore, they might be used as markers to monitor the progression of the disease.

This research is an example of the amazing possibilities of NGS technologies applied to immunology and Era7’s experience in RNA-Seq has been essential to obtain the gene expression data used in this work.
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