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Cenit Support Systems, INDRA and Professor Eva Martin del Valle obtain the Awards 'Civil Society' 2011 Social Council Cenit Support Systems
Salamanca, Jan 26 (EFE) .- The company Zenith Support Systems, Entrepreneurial Innovation in the mode, the professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Textiles, Eva Martin, in the Department, and Indra in the Company will receive the awards " Civil Society "2011 awarded annually by the University of Salamanca.

This was released today at a press conference the president of the Board of the University of Salamanca, Salvador Sánchez-Terán, and the Vice President for Research, María de los Ángeles Serrano.

The jury for the awards, previously known as Maecenas, highlighted the contribution of the three selected for the development of the University of Salamanca in their respective fields.

Thus, in the case of Zenith has emphasized that business is the prototypical "spin off: young researchers whose origin both in undergraduate and graduate is the University of Salamanca, well trained and have faced the adventure of creating a company with the support is provided from the institution. "

Terán Sánchez pointed out that this is a technology-based entrepreneurial company that was born with the objective of making available to the biotechnology research community a service of excellence, human resources, science and technology most comprehensive and innovative, to streamline the research in universities and companies.

With respect to Professor Eva Martin del Valle, the jury highlighted "valuable career", with several patents to his credit that are being used today, plus a host of manuals and publications for the company.

His research in the University of Salamanca, have created competitive funding from 2004 to 2010 through about six projects for a total amount of about 1 million euros.

In the case of Indra, stresses that "a strong and reliable commitment to creating quality jobs for our city."

During the short stay of Indra still on the campus of the University of Salamanca, the number of employees has increased from 91 to 170 and the value capture process runs its course, allowing young graduates have a rapid entry into the world of work Salamanca.

The work of the factory in Salamanca takes place in areas as diverse as transportation, communications, banking and the creation of environments for the integration of people with disabilities, but always committed to the Science Park Foundation, the University and the city of Salamanca.
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A pen reveals the sex of birds Cenit Support Systems
Cenitss and Arbórea know the sex of these animals in just two days amplifying the gene is determined from a small sample of the body.
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Research and support to entrepreneurs in the incubator Science Park Cenit Support Systems
Salamanca University today opened new facilities, which host 13 companies
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Inauguration Bioincubator Science Park in Salamanca Cenit Support Systems
The building of the University of Salamanca has cost two million euros and has begun its journey to one hundred percent occupancy.
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The University brings his twenty research services in the new platform Nucleus Cenit Support Systems
The University brings his twenty research services in the new platform Nucleus Among the new highlights the implementation of an area of ​​repair and maintenance to reduce the high costs of arrangements Usal teams having to hire companies located in Madrid
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The Science Park supports the spin-off of the University of Salamanca Cenit Support Systems
The Science Park supports the spin-off of the University of Salamanca Cenit Systems Support The company is located in the Southern Area Science Park University
Salamanca (USAL). Specifically, its facilities will be located in the enclave called Agrobiotech.
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