Spanish Biotech Platform
Plataforma de Mercados Biotecnológicos
LAIMAT Soluciones Científico Técnicas
LAIMAT Soluciones Científico Técnicas
Private entity
Josefina Pedrajas. R&D director
Province: Granada
Phone: 34 958750951
LAIMAT is a spin-off of the University of Granada, acknowledge as an Innovation Company of Technological Base (EIBT) by the National Association of CEEIs Spain (ANCES), association that brings together the main technological and innovation spaces of Spain. Forms part of the Andalusian Network of Knowledge as an ACTA (Certified agent of technological knowledge).
•SENSORS: new technology based in the use of electrochemical sensors for the detection of substances of interest in the fields of food safety, clinic toxicology and legal and forensic medicine.
In short, these new sensors can be a revolution in analytic chemistry because with the optimization of this technology we can arrive at personalized sensors, with great competitive advantages:
•Easy use technique
•Quick and real time analysis
•No need of specialized personnel
•High sensibility and specificity
•Portability and possibility of in situ analysis
•Miniaturization and monitoring possibility
•Low cost when compared to actual technologies
•MICROENCAPSULATION: Development of technologies of microencapsulation for medicines, chemical products such as cosmetics, textiles and new materials. The main ADVANTAGES of our microencapsulation technologies are:
-Increase of the STABILITY against extreme conditions
-Controlled DELIVERY of active principles, pigments, colorant, scents, etc.
-Avoids loss of volatile compounds (scents or perfume in cosmetics, etc.)
-Disguises bad smells
Competitive advantage: differentiation by applying a sound knowledge on physical and chemical behavior of materials to create outstanding improvements in our client’s product attributes or creating new advanced-generation products.
Sectors: biotechnological, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical
•EXTRACTION OPTIMIZATION: Development and optimization of a solution of extraction of gluten, for its determination in food. Allergens extraction for characterization and quantification.
•POLYMORPH DETERMINATION: Polymorph determinations of a drug to optimized scale-up process and protect industry property.
•SOLUBILITY: Increase the solubility of substances, such as, a new neuroprotective drug for toxicity essays.
•BY-PRODUCTS REVALUATION: Revaluation of agro-alimentary by- products by extraction and isolation of bioactive substances of interest in human health.
•STABILITY: Stability study of a new cosmetic with important bioactive substance added.
•MICROENCAPSULACION STUDIES for determined applications: Microencapsulation studies of proteins for cosmetic lotions adapted to client’s objectives.
•MANUFACTURE OF MICROENCAPSULATED SUBSTANCES: Manufacture of capsules for the development and characterization of new intelligent materials with self-healing properties and intelligent textiles
LAIMAT takes part in regional projects in cooperation with other companies of the biotechnological industry, in national consortiums (CENIT-TRAINER, Development of self healing materials) and its working on a Eurostars proposal.