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Plataforma de Mercados Biotecnológicos
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VidaCord has been the first private umbilical cord blood bank (UCBB) to obtain authorization from Spanish health authorities (CAM, Ref: EBG / CDC / ESMM, expte. 10005/07/C) on April 9, 2007, under RD 1301/2006. Unlike most other companies operating in Spain in the field of umbilical cord blood, VidaCord has its own facilities in our country (in the scientific and technological park of Alcala de Henares - Madrid) where we process all samples. If the family so chooses, we also offer the possibility to store the samples in our own facilities in Madrid, where according to Spanish regulations, the sample should be communicated to the Health Authorities and listed in a public bone marrow registry, in addition to being for private use. We have currently started to include in REDMO (Spanish bone marrow public registry) all the samples that families have decided to store in Spain, being the first and only UCBB in the world that offers this possibility so far. We can also send the sample to be stored at our facilities in Europe, in which case the unit remains for the exclusive use of the family. The main difference with most other companies is that, since we have our own laboratory in Spain, in this latter event the sample travels to our facilities in Europe already processed and cryo preserved in liquid nitrogen at -196 º C. This is important because by doing this we can ensure quick processing of cord blood (which we do in Spain), minimizing cell death and thus achieving a sample as optimal as possible for transplantation.