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PlantResponse Biotech
PlantResponse Biotech
Private entity
Frederic Brunner .
Phone: 34 914524838
PlantResponse Biotech is a plant biotechnology company specializing in plant innate immunity, drought and stress tolerance, and nutrient use efficiency. PlantResponse utilizes their expertise in the science of plants to understand key crop challenges and develop sustainable solutions to address those challenges. Aiming to bring solutions efficiently to farmers by bridging the gap between pioneering research and the current market, PlantResponse develops and commercializes highly innovative products.
1. European Union project number. CIIP-20131004 “NOBACTOM: Crop protection against bacterial pathogens in tomato”.
2. European Union project number. ANR-13-KBBE-0001 “PATRIC: Application of PAMP Triggered Immunity in crops”.
3. PTQ-1 MINECO project number. PTQ-12-05475“PTQ-1: use of biostimulants for abiotic stress tolerance”.
4. PTQ-1 MINECO project number.PTQ-12-05521 “PTQ-1: use of biostimulants for biotic stress tolerance”.
5. BBRSC, project number: BB/K01269X/1 “I-Case: Identification of novel immune receptors and microbial elicitors for durable broad-spectrum disease resistance in crops”.